The Bluest Eye @ 50

Invites you to engage with our project to honor Toni Morrison’s first novel and the incomparable body of writing and cultural influence represented by her career across time.

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Reflects on our reasons for launching this initiative.


Reading excerpts from The Bluest Eye as presented by TCU theatre students.


Shares ideas and resources from instructors who have taught Morrison.


Invites you to share your responses to reading Morrison’s writing and view the responses of others. 


Provides information to support your study of the novel and Morrison.



Introduces a collection of scholarly essays honoring The Bluest Eye and its author as an inspiration for multiple literary adaptations.

The October 2020 Special Issue of College Literature – Toni Morrison and Adaptation features rich scholarship from scholars situating Morrison’s work within genres beyond the novel, particularly in contexts of drama, performance, sonic, and visual culture.

This includes videos, articles, and a Critical Forum on The Bluest Eye @ 50 with contributions from:

Herman Beavers
Faedra Carpenter
Farah Jasmine Griffin
E. Patrick Johnson
Stephanie Li

“…our hope was to mark the inauguration of what would become a tremendous literary career, one that would transform our world in ways unfathomable… What we did not expect was for this special issue to become a tribute to this powerhouse.”

Contribute Your Thoughts

All are welcome to submit personal reflections, lesson plans, and ideas on Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and how it can be taught today.